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What my customers say about me

Please take a look at some feedback I've received from customers. I have much more, this is only a selection. You can be sure that in me you will receive nothing but the very best service and attention to detail.

  • I Started using Caley Computer Services after they were recommended by a business friend of mine. I have been delighted with the service, back up & reliability. Sandy is only a phone call or Email away and is always willing to try sorting any technical problem over the phone or using his remote service. I would have no hestation in recommending him to anyone.
  • I grew up in the eras before computers and whist I do not mind attending classes to learn how to use them now, I stop short at wanting to learn how to fix them. So whilst I will struggle to master the software and its conflicts, my hardware problems used to be given over to well meaning amateurs and some highly dubious persons who call themselves professionals. I chanced upon Sandy of Caley Computers quite by accident back in the days when we were still fighting to get Broadband onto the Rosneath Peninsula. When my own PC started acting up, Sandy fixed it in a twinkle and then gave me some very timely advice on how I should upgrade some hard and software. Caley Computers have looked after my desktop and laptop ever since. In fact, over the years, Sandy has upgraded me, advised me and even designed a system of networking that allows me access to my files and printer remotely, and that I can watch intenret television, on my television! It is a breath of fresh air to be offered the services of someone who I now know to be highly qualified in his field yet will still give me all the attention I require and explain PC stuff in a way I can understand. No gobblygook here. Hopefully Sandy will be around for me for as long as I need my computers.
  • Sandy Pettit came highly recommended from one of our art students. Being computer illiterate I needed help and a great deal of guidance. As a retired Principal teacher I am extremely critical of how knowledge and expertise is passed over to other people. I had know need to worry with Sandy. His skill in accessing the problem was superb and his speed in returning my computer meant I was not long without it. His explanation as to the problems and how to resolve them - if they occurr again - were easily understood. He has a very friendly and encouraging manner and, considering the time he spends resolving and helping with problems, his price was extremely reasonable and well within my budget. I will have no hesitation in contacting Sandy again, however trivial the problem seems to be.
  • Sandy at Caley Computer Services provided our business with excellent service at a reasonable price and is available 24/7 should we need his services urgently. We would, without hesitation, highly recommend him to anybody.
  • The service from Caley Computers is both fast and efficient. Living in a remote rural area it is important that IT problems are solved quickly without fuss. The service is also personal and there is time to have an explanation of what the problem was, and to provide solutions and improvements to your system.
  • Sandy is one of a rare breed who is well qualified and competent himself but also understands the needs of the less technical computer user. He has at all times acted with care, thought and professionalism and has been prepared to go out of his way to consult more widely when the situation warranted it. I am pleased to recommend him.
  • Sandy Pettit has saved me both time and grey hairs from trying to sort out computer hassle. Has revolutionised my relationship with my computer!
  • Being a somewhat semi-remote location, getting Broadband turned into an utter nightmare for me. Betwixt BT having to upgrade the phone line (we even had temporary traffic lights set up on the main road so the BT crew could reach a junction box safely) and call centre purgatory, I think I would have given up had it not been the support and knowledge I got from Sandy at Caley Computers. It was only through Sandy’s expertise, contacts in the industry and sheer tenacity that I have my broadband now, and the three month epic journey we took together seems a distant memory. Highly recommended.
  • Sandy offers a very prompt, efficient and knowledgable service for anybody with a problem with their computer. If I have anything that needs sorting out I know that Sandy will bring his expertise and will ensure that that no stone will be left unturned to solve any problem. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sandy to individuals or companies in need of advice or solutions.
  • I would unreservedly recommend Sandy to anyone looking for a professional and competitive service in the computer or IT field. My website is testament to the high standards set by Caley Computers.
  • Caley Computer Services have provided excellent general technical support and advice over the years. They also carried out a complete redesign of our website, producing a number of working drafts and engaging in productive discussions during the development of the layout. I have no hesitation in recommending Caley Computer Services and in stating that the rates are extremely good value.
  • A fast, reliable and attentive service at a reasonable price, what more can you ask!

Above are just a select few of the many testimonials I have received over the years. Despite the excellent feedback, I am always looking to improve and your feedback is very important to me. Please use the contact form to leave any advice, messages or if you can think of anything I could have done better, please do let me know.

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Your feedback is important to me.

I'm always looking to improve my service and wish to ofer a quality of service that is second to none. I also want to ensure that my customers feel they've had value for money.

I'd be really grateful for your feedback, suggestions and thoughts on what I could do to improve the overall service you have received from me. Please use the form to be found on my contact page to submit your thoughts, suggestions and advice.

I'm very grateful for your time and for the business you gave me. Very many thanks indeed.

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